The Association for the Promotion of International Development and Stability is an Austrian “Verein”, headquartered in the First District of Vienna, Austria. Privately funded, we are a non-partisan, non-political association dedicated to our mandate. We are a small team and we choose our causes with care and proceed with devotion.

APIDS is the successor organization to the Stichting International Foundation for Growth and Stability (SIFGS), a Dutch Stichting Foundation, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and founded by Joseph Busby in 2010. While SIFGS was dedicated to international research for the purpose of promoting growth and stability in regions and situations involving disadvantaged populations or situations of instability or a lack of development across the globe, primarily in Africa, APIDS has expanded the mantle of the mandate and operates throughout the world.

Our Board

Our Board is comprised of established, world-class professionals both from the development and other professional spheres. Our Board members embrace and share the proactive vision of our founder and are dedicated towards its implementation.

Our Founder

Joseph Busby
B.A., M.A., C.Phil

Founder, Director, and President of the Board

Joseph Busby is a successful academic, international entrepreneur, and humanitarian. His academic work focused primarily upon refugee crises following World War Two and the Genocide in Rwanda. Frustrated with the shortcomings of traditional methods in preparing for and addressing some of the world’s more intractable problems, he abandoned the traditional academic path for a less traditional trajectory, founding both APIDS and it’s predecessor Foundation, the Stichting International Foundation for Growth and Stability.

Founder of multiple successful international businesses, he divides his time between philanthropically oriented business development and the aims of APIDS.