APIDS establishes partnerships with Universities across the world in an effort to conduct joint-research projects, maximize local expertise and to increase awareness at the local level of various projects

Government Organizations

We work frequently with Government Ministries and Military Departments and we know that the facts on the ground are best changed by those with the power to to do so.  It is our honor to work with some of the best and most dedicated people around the world.

Civil Society Groups

We work best when we work in teams and APIDS is proud to partner with a variety of like-minded Institutions, Foundations, and Associations in the pursuit of various objectives around the world.  


APIDS maximizes our impact by working with the best people in the world.  If you believe you can contribute to our mission, whether in the field of International Humanitarian Law (the Law of War), Humanitarian assistance, disease prevention, peacekeeping, or something else, then contact us and join our network.

Join our network

We can’t do it alone. So join us in our mission. If you are an Expert yourself in the fields of international refugee law or the Law of Armed Conflict or a similar field, or if you are an international medical expert or represent a University, Government, or Military and you believe your skills may assist in our joint mission, then contact us and join our team.