The Association for the Promotion of International Development and Stability (APIDS) is an Austrian entity dedicated to identifying and analyzing issues around the world which impede development and stability and then working with partners to create and implement concrete actions in order to improve each situation.

APIDS differentiates itself by its approach. We eschew theory and focus solely on reality, suggesting novel and clear-eyed approaches to intractable issues and work hand-in-hand with our partners to implement specific action plans designed to actually solve problems.

APIDS works with local partners and established regional networks in order to conduct extensive research on pressing issues involving all aspects involving issues regarding local and regional growth and stability in order to identify causes and suggest potential solutions designed to improve and increase economic growth and to promote local and regional stability.

What we do

We strive to bring new and fresh ideas and a fresh approach towards the issues of the day, always seeking to find a way forward. We work to create networks between policy makers, development practitioners, local leaders, nongovernmental organisations, and grass roots actors. We produce high-quality research products designed to assist in the mobilization of non-governmental organizations and community based organizations. But above all, we focus on the causes that matter most – those preventing stability in the world, for where there is stability, there is development, growth, prosperity, and peace.